Findable. Machine readable?

The first step in (re)using data is to find them. The outcomes of the searches illustrate the diversity of the results using generic search engines and demonstrates the need of identifiers to denote materials uniquely and unambiguously.

FAIR Definition


Metadata and data should be easy to find for both humans and computers. Machine-readable metadata are essential for automatic discovery of datasets and services, so this is an essential component of the FAIRification process. Learn more

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Find JRCNM01000a

Search Google for JRC reference material JRCNM01000a

Find JRCNM01000a

Search NANoREG - eNanoMapper database for JRCNM01000a (human readable)

Find NM100

Search Google for NM100

Find NM 100

Search Google for `NM 100`

Find NM100

Search Pubmed for NM100

Find JRCNM01000a

Search PubChem for JRCNM01000a

Find JRCNM01000a

Search EUON for JRCNM01000a

Find NM100 & COMET

Search Google for NM100 and COMET